Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Desperate Call for Help

Ok well its not that important well ok yes it is..i MUST have this line! However i do not have an Archivers near me anywhere..not even in roadtripping distance :( So im putting out a call for help. If you live near one and could get this line and ship it for me i will pay you through paypal before you ship. Ill include fees and some gas money etc. I just really must have this line. (i borrowed this pic..cant remember from where.)



Lisa T. Howard said...

I can't get the pic to enlarge enough to read which Making Memories line this is. I went to the MM site and couldn't find it there. Is it one of the lines they distribute through Target? I would love to help you out but the Archiver's I go to is in Atlanta, 3 hours away. I get to go when I visit my fiance who lives there. I won't be going for a few weeks. Let me know what line it is and I'll see what I can do to help.

Lisa (

Noteable said...

Thanks Lisa. Its called Giggle Kids. I think i have someone helping me out..hopefully it will work out :)