Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoying a pretty quiet uneventful day at home here. Maddie and I ventured outside to enjoy the warm weather a bit and let her munch on a big lolipop






And this is what Adam has been doing most of the day....


John is in the garage making me something for my scraproom.


Rachel said...

that second picture is my favorite! how cute and I can't believe she didn't make a mess of her white sweater!

Leigh said...

Great pictures!
I also love the frame you put on them!!

Julie O. said...

What adorable photos!! Those are all so very sweet!!

And, oh my! Your scrap store...I mean, room!!!!!!!! Wowzers!! I bet it's so much easier to work when you're organized like that. Mine is such a mess right now. LOL!!! One of these days.....

Anabelle said...

Could she be any cuter??? Love the last one, too. Reminds me of my son!