Monday, December 17, 2007

A Good Monday

Well im exhausted from Maddie having a bad night for sleeping but other than that its a great day so far. Must sit down for a few and unwind before im out on the go again to pick Adam up from school. This morning Maddie had her check up and her first shots. Dont even get me started on why we are so late getting them. made me so sad. I wish we didnt have to watch but then again i wouldnt want to leave her there with some strange guy and three needles either. She threw a fit till i picked her up..then she let the guy know she was pretty mad and settled down in a few seconds. Overall it wasnt too bad. Now she sporting some cool looney toons bandaids on her thighs and mom is praying for no fever. After that we hit the store on base and picked up a few more christmas presents for Adam. I stopped in to say hello to everyone since i used to work here too. Then we hit Dollar Tree for stocking stuffers and World Market just because i love that place. They have so much neat stuff. I got Adam a Chupa Chup lollipop and i think its the size of Maddies head hahaha. I came home to some fun mail. My Go West Studios clear album came from ebay. Their prices are great on these things! Ive been wanting to play with one but have been too cheap lol. I also got one of my Busy Bee orders so i have lots of fun scrappy goodness to play with. Ok time to sign off here..leaving you with my latest creation

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