Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Spirit

So i have the honor and priviledge to design at Busy Bee Scrapbooking. Its an amazing bunch of ladies and so much talent and one wonderful owner! She is doing something great for Christmas. I just had to come add it to my blog. Check it out!
Do you know a scrapbooker who needs a little bit of extra goodness this year? Busy Bee will be sending out a scrapbooking care package to a deserving scrapbooker. Nominate someone you know RIGHT NOW!!! Here are the details for nominating. 1. Submit your deserving scrapbooker, and their story, by emailing me at 2. Include the Name of the Scrapbooker you wish to nominate to receive a Scrapbooker's Care Package from Busy Bee and a brief summary of the reasons you feel they need or deserve the package. 3. If you know they are already a member of our Busy Bee database, please include their username. They do not have to currently be a member of our database - if they are not, we will need some method to contact them if their name is chosen - an email address, a phone number, a mailing address - something so that if they are chosen we can contact them. 4. Submitted names will not be shared with the public. If someone is chosen as a winner, their username will be shared but not their private information. 5. Deadline to submit a deserving scrapbooker's name is 23 December 2007. Restrictions Apply: * Entries are limited to U.S. based individuals * Nominated individuals should not be scrapbook store or scrapbook kit club owners * Nominated individuals should be in need of a pick me up (emotionally or financially) and should be true statements. * The story of why the individual was nominated will not be posted online for privacy reasons. * Deadline is 23 December * Winner will be announced 24 December * Busy Bee will ship the products and pay the shipping costs

On another note..was feeling in the mood for some holiday scrapping again today. I finally got around to doing a clear album. The album is made by Go West Studios. They sell on ebay and their prices are just great! I pulled the poems off of the internet...Here it is

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Anonymous said...

Uh...did you really do this album this fast??? Me feeling very jealous...yesssss, verrrry jealous! :)