Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suprise for Me

So if you have not heard and you have not guessed already by my oh so subtle hint there...Hubby just got orders for August for Hawaii. So we will be packing up and flying out. I was shocked when he called today since we were not expecting orders till the end of this year but i think i am excited. Majorly stressed out about the amount of things to do for the dogs to come with us and all the other expenses we will have to come up with. Yes the Army will pay most of it but we have to pay for the pups and our 2nd vehicle. Yikes! All coming at a time when we are trying to get bills paid down and cut back and save. Oh well what can we do? Nothing but go with the flow and enjoy the idea that we will be basking in the sun when fall starts to roll around for everyone else back East. *insert really thrilled grin


Pam said...

That is awesome!!! What a great place to be:)

Congrats on being a DT finalist for the Nook and thanks a bunch for visiting my blog:)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Shawna I have never been to Hawaii but we have had friends stationed there and they LOVED it! Think of tropical island all the time and you will just smile!!!! I will pray for your smooth transition!

ChelleM said...

That is so cool you'll be moving to Hawaii. I've been there twice adn it's absolutely beautiul. Best of luck being a DT member for Scrapbook Nook.