Thursday, April 16, 2009

Im alive

Wow its been a month since i posted. Im so behind. Been doing online classes, visiting the parents, and lots of other things to take up my precious blogging time haha. Thanks to everyone who posted their wonderful blogs. I am having fun looking through them. So much inspiration! So now for some random things that are going on.

......Maddies getting treated for asthma..they arent sure thats what it is so trying inhalers to see if it helps.

.......Id share Easter pics if i wasnt stupid enough to have a dead camera battery. EEEEEK

.......Almost finished with my first two online classes..yes im passing haha

.........Ive lost 15 pounds and am still working on more

.........Kate from John & Kate Plus 8 will be at Borders the end of the hoping to go to the book signing. How fun!!!

.........I scored some of that American Crafts cardstock for cheap at Tuesday Morning today

........Im going to quit rambling and go clean out the shoe closet!

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