Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Furniture

I love furniture shopping...something about looking at all those nice pieces that gets to me. We went shopping for an entertainment center because when we move here in December we wont have one...the one in our house was built into the wall by hubby so it wasnt coming with us. Anyway we went shopping for that and came home with one PLUS a new dining room set. Im happy that we finally found one we agreed on! Too bad its staying boxed up till we move *pout




Jocelyn said...

I just found your Blog and I adore it! Wow, that is a wonderful entertainment center. I love new furniture. Also checked out the LO's are they are stunning. Love the pumpkin pictures. Stop by and see me! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Great Blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new furniture and the layouts are wonderful!!

Chrys said...

I LOVE that entertainment piece!!! I love furniture shopping! :) Have fun!