Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missing In Action

Sorry ive been missing in action here on the blog..We have been super busy getting ready for dh to come home from Iraq. Yay less than 48 hours and we will have him home with us. Everyone is getting excited..well except for Maddie of course who has no idea what a daddy is. I know she will adore him though ;)
Ill leave you with a random pic of my new pjs! Love these. Run to Target and get some. They are adorable!



Dawn said...

Congrats on your hubby coming home. I know you are thrilled.
My prayers are with you.
Dawn :)

Anonymous said...

WoooHOOOO! He's coming home!! I'm thinkin' he's not gonna want to look at your new pjs for very long...hee hee. ;)

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on your DH coming home. I cannot wait to see my son when he comes home for Leave! Enjoy your reunion!

Jenniwren32 said...

That's great news that your hubby is coming home....I'm so happy for you and your family.


jamie said...

God bless you, Shawna, and your family. What a sacrafice you ALL have paid to have your husband overseas in that arena. May your reunion be joyful and your days ahead peaceful. Many prayers with you.
p.p:i like your new banner.

Cecile said...

Love the new pj's and congrats on your hubby coming home.Take care

Amy W. said...

was thinking of you today. hope you and your little family are enjoying LONG over-due time with hubby. ;)

Tami said...

Gosh, I need to get up to Target and get those jammies ASAP!

Congrats on your hubby coming home! I couldn't begin to imagine the excitement you all have right now.

I've nominated you on my blog, so when you get a chance come check out the details :D

debevans said...

So happy for your family! Love the new PJs too :)