Sunday, May 11, 2008

Virginia Here We Come!

Just got word from hubby that he has orders for Fort Eustis in Virginia. Looks like were moving on out of Savannah. He thinks we should be there by Christmas. It seems so far away but oh my gosh its not! Getting everything packed up and the house sold by then is going to be a tight squeeze escpecially since dh isnt getting home until August. I can just feel the stress creeping in already. Oh well bring on the next adventure! hehe. If you live in the area leave me a comment. Id love to know whats in store for us when we get there.


Cecile said...

I hope that your next adventure in life with your family is an awesome one!

Anonymous said...

Fort Eustis? I'm lovin' anywhere that has a name from my favorite cartoon! (Can you guess what cartoon it's from?) ;)

Holly said...

Jamie this is such a wild guess, but is it King of the Hill? DH watches that some times and I think I have heard that before from that show..

SHawna Im looking forward to you moving here.. :D YAY!