Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just stuff

Took maddie to get her big portrait done yesterday. We have a 20x30 of Adam at 6 months hanging on the wall so we wanted one fairly the same of Maddie. Needless to say i spent 118 bucks on pics and didnt even order the big one yet! If you know of a good quality place online to order that big of a print feel free to leave me a comment! I think this one is my fav of the day...for the most part she was being cranky and mean haha

On another note I signed Adam up for soccer finally this year. I knew John would be happy but geesh sports are expensive..to register..the uniform..all the gear. I spent a nice chunk. He doesnt know what team hes on and doesnt have his uniform yet but of course i had to get a pose in!

And on one final note i just got off the treadmill for the first time in months and i feel like i might die. Wooooo...no you dont get a pic of this one!


ellen said...

oh those pictures are wonderful!

Laurence said...

How cute are they !