Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Mommy!

So sometimes i put the little one in the jumparoo and i get so busy doing things that when i finally come back to her this is what i see haha. Sleeping away straight up mouth hanging open and all. I feel so bad but im sure there are much worse things to do as a mom.


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Holly said...

LOL nothing to feel bad about.. If she was quiet and being a good little girl then you are doing ok! She seemed so content nothing for you to worry about.. :) She was happy enough where she was at she fell asleep ;)

Renee said...

What a precious pic and I think all mom's, aunts, babysitters, you name it have all been guilty of this!!! No harm done and she looks like she is doing just fine! the snapshot!

Kathy said...

Oh how cute. I used to do that with my colicky son but in the swing. Now this was 18yrs ago. So cute. My dd fell asleep bent over on a plastic tub in the playpen when she was real little. It is my most favorite picture.

Renee said...

Hey Shawna!
I am sending you the "you make my day" award.
you can grab the award and the rules from my blog
yay!! hugs -renee