Sunday, February 17, 2008

Organizing kick

Well my LSS is closing in April and we are all so sad for this..but happy of course for Jamie who is going back to school. Yay for you!! Anyway one good thing came of this for me .. I get cool paper racks! I have been on an organizing kick lately so im thrilled for these! I got a Clip It Up recently too so finally i am happy with my sticker/thicker organization. Ive reorganized everything and have much more work space. Woohoo! Makes me want to get in there and scrap right now! Ok im rambling now..heres a pick of my awesome new paper racks..that need some filling. Shouldnt be a problem with all this new CHA paper coming out.

1 comment:

Amy W. said...

nice rack! tehee ;) i really need something like that so i can SEE what i have...well most of it anyway. i'm jealous of your clip-it-up...i want one badly. enjoy your storage goodies.