Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Space

On the Making Memories blog (http://makingmemories.typepad.com/) today they asked everyone to give their organizational tips so i thought i would just post here i must admit i am NOT the most organized and could use even more help. This is how my space is set up. My sweet hubby put this together for me with some home depot cabinets and a counter top with a corkboard back.

I know alot of people use this for their smaller embellishments and let me tell you its a lifesaver. I love all the drawers and how much i can fit into them. Many times im cutting up packages of smaller things right when i buy them so i can shove them in and save space. Love that the drawers are clear too so you can see what you are looking for without pulling everyone of them out to look.

One of my other main organizational items i use are baskets. Lets face it they hold alot and they are pretty haha. My chipboard goes in one and also my new things go in before they get put away after i open them.

As for patterned paper i use the trusty old Cropper Hopper paper holders. I just sort my paper by company and line. I also use these for my cardstock which as you can see needs some sorting. In the binders i keep one for Thickers. Im a bit obsessed with these and the other is all my stickers. All sorted by company....some by font.

I also use this old cassette holder for my ink pads.

All the rest goes in my drawers and cabinets. As you can see i dont have any fancy or new way of organizing anything but this is my space and i love it! Thanks for taking a peek!

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