Thursday, November 15, 2007

Worn Out

Thank goodness the day is almost over. For some reason im just completely worn out today.

I didnt really get anything done either so i dont know why. Oh wait its getting up with the baby all alone at night since dh is gone hehe. The tiredness just builds up on a person. Anyway enough complaining. I did get more christmas shopping accomplished for the kiddos today :) I got a bunch of fun little things for them. One of Adams major wishes was the Flippin Frogs game. It looked cute so i went ahead and got it. With dh not home for Christmas this year im going all out for the kids. I know i shouldnt but hey its too much fun!

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Scrapthatpaper said...

You have to get some rest today while she naps! Im with you on the not feeling well part!! BLAH! Today I must clean though! Tired or not.. :)

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